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We have 3 fat burners:

• LIPOBLUE: product for sedentary people who want to lose weight without diet and without exercise, eliminates cellulite and accumulated fat (Passover from 2 to 6 Kg on average)

• ADVANCE: product for people who perform Physical activity goes down weekly and they want to burn localized fat in the legs, arms, abdomen and back. Tones and dries fat from the abdomen. (Down to 2 to 8 Kg on average)

• SUPREME: product for people who want to lose weight, burn localized fat and have already consumed fat burners or have a high daily activity. It gives you a lot of energy and accelerates the metabolism in a big way. (Passes from 4 to 10 Kg on average) All are dietary supplements, each treatment bottle contains 30 capsules for 1 daily for 30 days.

Not suitable for people in pregnancy or lactation or for people who suffer from pressure.

YOU WILL RECEIVE FULLY FREE a healthy eating plan and shipping to any part of USA.

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