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Ultra ZX Azul

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It is our supplement with the best results, with an excellent trajectory and worldwide success, such as FAT BURNER AND LIQUID REDUCER that stimulates the loss of localized fat in the arms, legs, back and abdomen for 30 days in men and women who have high-risk days. activity or perform a daily exercise routine, without diet.

Multifunctional supplement with recharged formula. It is recommended for people who have tried everything and have not obtained results, it is the Ultrazx with greater contraction.

  • Helps reduce appetite and anxiety
  • Helps improve the functioning of the digestive system
  • Helps to eliminate retained liquids
  • Helps reduce the percentage of body fat


  • Raspberry Ketones: It is an aromatic compound found naturally in raspberries. Thanks to the excellent properties of this fruit, a powder of the same is extracted that serves to increase the efficiency of the metabolism.
  • Forskolin (active component) : Forskolin helps cells communicate with each other, greatly increasing hormone function and essentially telling the body to produce more of an enzyme called the sensitive lipase hormone. Causing to convert fat into energy.
  • Green coffee: </ strong> Green coffee, by not going through the roasting process, maintains all its properties and active principles such as antioxidants, including chlorogenic acid. It serves to help reduce the amount of kilocalories that come in the form of sugars.
  • Seaweed powder: </ strong> It is a fairly clean and organic source of essential nutrients. Helping to control anxiety and appetite.
  • Açai : This extract of this wonderful fruit stands out for its excellent antioxidant capacity thanks to the multitude of amino acids, anthocyanins and vitamins it has. Highlights its ability to move fatty acids in the body and reaffirm muscle mass.


Take a capsule 45 minutes before breakfast, during the day try to take 3 liters of water.


  • Not suitable for children under 18 or over 60
  • Hypertensive
  • Women in lactation period
  • Pregnant
  • People with heart or thyroid problems

results may vary from person to person.


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