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Regenecare Sport liquido Collagen 600ml


Regenecare Sport liquido Collagen 600ml

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Collagen is one of the most important and necessary proteins to maintain vitality and youth. This protein is composed of 20 amino acids, which strengthen the extracellular matrix, which means that it produces and organizes new collagen fibers.

This product is essential if you want to fight aging and maintain a youthful vitality.

Each dose contains 10g of 100% pure collagen, Biotin and Vitamin C which makes REGENECARE one of the most complete supplements on the market.


The Sport, in addition to the already known benefits of consuming our unique formula with BCAA and vitamins, we present a new variety with ginger, lemon and green tea, generally providing the following added values:

1. Helps fight muscle pain
2. Daily consumption of ginger contributes to the well-being of the muscles before and after intense training sessions
3. It helps fight obesity and overweight thanks to two of its components: gingerol and shogaol

1. Powerful toxin eliminator
2. It has bactericidal properties, that greatly benefits our liver and our kidneys
3. It is antioxidant

1. Green tea helps us control diabetes because it regulates blood sugar levels in the body
2. It helps us control weight because it speeds up metabolism because it contains polyphenols


2 tablespoons a day before sleep.
It is taken once a day.
Refrigerate after opening.


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