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Quemador G 180


Quemador G 180

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It’s time to lose weight without so much suffering “With G180 natural products, you can achieve: Do you lose 4 to 6 kg per month? Burn Localized Fat Eliminate your anxiety? Eat smaller portions without being hungry.

Do they increase your energy.


Accept the Challenge 30 days, all you can lose is weight, and you just have to say YES!

Imported directly from the United States It is a high performance fat burner developed with extracts of 100% natural and original origin. Stimulates lipolysis, a process by which lipids break down accelerating basal metabolism, allowing the use of accumulated fat stores mainly in the abdomen, arms and legs to meet energy needs.


BENEFITS Taking one capsule a day in a disciplined way, our clients lose an average of 5 to 7 Kilos per month, with noticeable results from the first week. It reduces appetite and anxiety from the first day. It significantly decreases cellulite. It has no rebound effect. It is not necessary to perform strict diets or extreme exercise routines. HOW TO USE: One capsule a day 15 to 45 minutes before breakfast.


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