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Combo Ultra ZX Gold PLUS Gel


Combo Ultra ZX Gold PLUS Gel

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The Supremacy of supplements, helps you reduce anxiety and control appetite, the highest concentration of Forskolin in all lipoblue, indicated for people who after taking Lipoblue and Lipoblue Advance, want to try something much more advanced and multifunctional.

it helps with weight loss.
It helps eliminate fat, eliminates fluid retention.
It helps control appetite.
It helps reduce anxiety
It helps reduce fluid retention by AVOIDING THE REBOUND EFFECT.


FORSKOLINA: Helps accelerate and improve the functioning of metabolism, helps the body produce more the enzyme called sensitive hormone lipase, responsible for burning fat.
CAPSICUM: Increases energy consumption and promotes weight loss in both men and women. Stimulates the "digestion" of carbohydrates (sugars) of runners at rest and during exercise, increases fat oxidation and the elimination of lipids necessary to lose weight and reduce the accumulation of calories.
GINGSENG: Helps improve resistance to stress situations, increases sexual capacity, the feeling of vitality, and work performance both physically and mentally. It can help complement a balanced diet to increase physical performance and control appetite by generating satiety.
MARRUBIO: Helps deflate the intestine, gallbladder and liver. It helps reduce appetite. Regularizes digestive functions: it is a tonic for the stomach, liver and spleen. Intestinal and antispasmodic anti-inflammatory.


Take one capsule 45 minutes before breakfast, during the day try to drink 3 liters of water.


Not suitable for children under 18 or over 60
Breastfeeding women
Pregnant women
People with heart or thyroid problems

The results may vary from person to person.



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