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Combo 12 Lipoblue


Combo 12 Lipoblue

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It is a multifunctional supplement with more than 5 years in the market, helping people lose weight, reduce retained fats and liquids without the need for high physical activity. Recommended for sedentary people who want to lose weight. Help to:

It helps control appetite
It helps reduce anxiety
Suitable for sedentary people
It helps to eliminate the retentin of liquids
It helps eliminate fluids and toxins from the body.


Forskolin: Forskolin helps cells communicate with each other, greatly increasing hormonal function and essentially telling the body to produce more of an enzyme called sensitive hormone lipase. Causing to convert fat into energy.
Garcinia Extract: Contains HCA (hydroxycitric acid) eliminates fluids and toxins in the body.
African Mango Extract: Helps weight loss, as it speeds up metabolism and burns fat, as well as reducing appetite and controlling anxiety.
Bitter Orange Extract: It has digestive and regulatory properties of the intestine helping to improve the functioning of the digestive system making the elimination of waste from the body more effective.


Take one capsule 45 minutes before breakfast, during the day try to drink 3 liters of water.


Not suitable for children under 18 or over 60
Breastfeeding women
Pregnant women
People with heart or thyroid problems


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